Brexit, Political

Watch and Pray! [Neh 4:9]

Having done all he could, to ensure that we, the little sheeple, would conform, David Cameron suddenly got a bloodied nose on Friday 24th June 2016. Oh dear, there was apparently a broken fence and half the flock had bolted..

Not to labour the simile, he failed to point out that 138 of his shepherds had also decided that membership of the Evil Unelected was not turning out to be what the nice Mr Heath had promised, back there in 1972.

The other sad side of the equation is that, apparently, 185 of his team are content that all our history – industrious, military, commercial marine, regal and democratic excellence is of no value, suitable only to be sold off, nay, given away to the Entirely Unacceptable.

In time of war there has always been a coalition to ensure that this nation did not succumb to the enemy.

It is time for such a coalition, and, knowing as we do, that the ‘party’ system is moribund, at LIVINGSTONES we offer, NOT yet another party, but a rallying point – an Emergency Meeting Point – where we can gather and discuss our plan of action.

Please contact us in the first instance via ‘info at livingstones dot uk’ where we can share detail. Do feel free to SHARE this post, the time is short, the nation’s gates have been unlocked, swung open, and the drawbridge is already lowered, the Trojan horse proved to be unnecessary this time round. The gates must be closed, the drawbridge must be raised, persons wishing to join us must form an orderly queue, and then we shall deal with the seditious shepherds as we bring our house in order.

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