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The knell of Doom

With thanks and hat-tip to JW – The Slogger

There’s one thing in Mrs May’s Brexit withdrawal agreement we’re overlooking . It is not the beginning of the end of Britain being bullied by Brussels, it’s merely the end of the beginning. If Farage et al wait too long before showing up, they will miss the bus.



Pretty much every front page this morning is devoted to Theresa May and her doomed attempt to sell her “Brexit”. It is, if you like, the beginning of hard sell of an ultra-soft Brexit. The impression being put about is that, come 29th March, we’ll have a deal, and then it’s all over.

Both beliefs are disastrous on the scale of the asteroid that saw off the dinosaurs.

The biggest single danger facing British independence now is the resistance to EU colonialism sticking to a rigid timetable that has been overtaken by events.

Thus far, the Conservative resistance (whether we like it or not, still by far the most likely to succeed) has been running on a timetable allied to its Party rules about leadership challenges. Equally, the much-vaunted new Party being formed by Nigel Farage seems determined to dot the i’s and cross the t’s of every duck in a row before it launches. Both groups need to wake up: life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

The key thing to remember is this: if via one means or another the May Withdrawal Agreement passes into law, launching an organised opposition to it in March 2019 (the last date mentioned by Farage) is going to be far too late. And even if – as I fully expect – that capitulation is rejected by Parliament, there is every chance that Rhino-skinned May will not resign, but rather turn to Brussels again for support. This will not be forthcoming, because the Commission sociopaths want an extension to Article 50, the better to both squeeze Britain further, and put off the cutting of money-supply to their busted bank.

It would be in their better interests to make concessions at this point, but Brussels-watchers have learned over the years that these clowns never know what is in anyone’s interests – least of all, their own.


We learned over the weekend that if the May plan fails in Parliament, Chancellor Philip Hammond will resign and five other Cabinet ministers will follow him. While this is just more bollocks designed to scare Tory waverers into supporting the Withdrawal That Isn’t, it should bring home to the thinking Briton how uninterested in our independence and cultural survival the hardline Remainers are. The only upside of their antics is that they may, at long last, destroy the Neoliberal Tory Party forever…..assuming the PM doesn’t beat them to it.

March 29th can and will only be “the end of the matter” unless we leave the European Union with no deal. In all other scenarios, the bullying and subterfuge will continue. And the longer it goes on, the harder it will be to unravel.

Theresa May (and her friends in Brussels and NATO) are banking on that reality. Like it or not, the whole nation is suffering from Brexit fatigue: this time, a clock really is ticking – probably because Michel Barnier isn’t involved.

All this is extremely important, because I do believe now that, penultimately, there are five groups we need to consider: world opinion, the Italians, Tory Remainers, the active British Resistance and the UK electorate as a whole.

Of course May has to be removed, but that won’t solve much. If it brings on an election (which it should) then the Leavers HAVE TO BE SEEN TO HAVE WON so that global opinion is clear about what the People think, and the Italian resistors don’t feel isolated. This means the structure and influence of the Parliamentary Conservative Party have to be changed, to the extent that Remainers are challenged at constituency level and a credible Sovereign Brexit candidate stands.

Only by forming a united “front” against Andrex-soft Brexit ( that is, a Sovereign halfway house where it’s heads they win and tails we lose) can that outcome be achieved. It means a tactical, activist alliance between those who want the Tories out at all costs, and those who want the EU out of our hair at all costs. This will be incredibly difficult to achieve (if it was easy, someone would’ve done it by now) but failing to do it will mean the final frame in the movie called Great Britain.

There is a glaringly urgent need to coordinate a broad spectrum of thinkers who want to see the end of Blairism, the defeat of fluffy EUism, the restructuring of an overwhelmingly neoliberal Tory Party, and the genuine return of power to a Britain going its own way. This will shock some Sloggers, but I am absolutely certain that a great many Corbynites feel this way, as do Centrist Tories – and former UKIPpers who deserted Metropolitan pc Labour….along with the 2020/Waspi movement who want a Government of honest decency back in Westminster. Even Diane Abbott said on a radio call-in show last week, “We should not have a second referendum, because the voters will say, ‘which bit of Leave did you not understand the first time?'”. A lot of people on the Labour Left recognise that EUNATO is for the rich and the military and the repressives, not the poorest and most vulnerable in our society…..and avowedly not for Peace on Earth.

The desperate as well as the foolishly smug in society need to be made acutely aware of what’s at stake here. This is no longer about soft or hard this, that or the other: it is about the right of national creativity to defeat the crushing process of Might Is Right globalist big business, and reestablish a Rule of Law to defend us from dictatorship.


In that context, Boris Johnson is making barnstorming speeches to the DUP, giving soundbites to the tabloids and pouring out vitriol in the Telegraph. But he doesn’t have an organisation, nor does he stand under a clear banner. He is, at present, nothing more than a disgruntled right-wing Tory with disturbing ties to the City.

Equally, Nigel Farage is mouthing off on radio, and calling for UKIP leader Gerard Batten to be ousted in the light of the Tommy Robinson appointment. Less well known is that he is a vice-Chairman of the organisation Leave means Leave. He too lacks any real infrastructure, and is in danger of turning into a media shock-jock, and apologist for banking greed.

Will they act together? Will they act at all? We need to know. This is one of those rare occasions when late will not be better than never. For late will be far too late….and after that, it’s regional EU slavery for as long as the Federalist bandwagon still has wheels

Contact us urgently at ‘’ for planning and action details

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