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How scared should we be?

This was the headline for a post in a recent ‘Spectator‘ publication, as the contributor made a valiant effort to differentiate between ‘doom-mongering’ and ‘common sense’:

‘Food shortages, diabetics going without insulin, outbreaks of salmonella and swine flu: a no-deal Brexit has become a dystopia of the imagination that gives even the Old Testament a run for its money. [Exodus 8:1 – 12:36]. To lend it extra credence, the doomsayers are not muttering men with long white beards but business leaders and figures from respectable-sounding thinktanks.’

The fact is that the nation stands, with bated breath, at a significant point in our history, so tantalising in its possible portent, that the mighty media’s ‘bean counters’ are in danger of overload, so many copies to be sold, so short a turn-round time between each pulsating article.

So here are the options for us, the dithering dollards, who have taken two generations to realise what the ‘European Union’ scheme is really all about .

First time round, when the Austrian ‘painter/decorator’ and his cohorts saw that their plans for territorial aggrandisment were about to crumble, it transpires that there was already a Plan B prepared (couldn’t we do with one of those today??), which could succeed where Plan AH had failed, by offering financial incentive and appealing to the vanity of self-important leaders. Does “You’ve never had it so good!” ring any bells?

Now, second time round, it is no exaggeration to say that we are again being placed on a ‘war’ status. The methods may be modernised but the threats are similar – just the ‘pen’ rather than the ‘sword’ is now being used.

There are, no surprise, two main camps to consider:

ONE – the militant ‘pitchfork and scythe’ brigades, whose seething desire is to burst the gates of Westmonster and send every disagreeable incumbent off to meet his/her Maker.

TWO – the steadier thinkers, equally sincere in their desire to see an end to the ‘Tussles with Brussels’ – to break free from its tiresome tentacles , but at the same time, musing on how best to steer Britannia, once she finally gets clear.

One fact is clear from this persistent parliamentary pantomime – the Party system is killing the once united Kingdom stone dead. We are faced with the same serpent, just wearing a different mask, but, alas, our so-called ‘leaders’ will not desist until they see the whole voting public lying in vassal servitude to a well-organised enemy.

War needs coalition. War calls for unified opposition. If these self-important clowns won’t do it, the populace will have to rally under a different banner. In the days when ‘Junker’ was the name of a high-speed bomber, rather than a ‘two-faced’ drinker -(remember the comment to his tame press corps “I will talk to her, then you can bury the body” – Mrs T would have smashed him in the crotch with her handbag and walked away) – our nation was scared but united. Ration Books saw us through.

As a footnote, let’s suppose the fear-mongers are correct – a NO-DEAL departure will bring some hardship. The human body can survive for three days without any water to no lasting damage, and six weeks without ANY food at all – likewise without lasting detriment. I know this is true, having experienced proper ‘fasting’ (not this current ‘kissing the pavement’ charade); after just three days, the body adjusts, and one feels no more hunger pangs. As the Rastafarian followers say

                        “Those who are in earnest are not afraid of consequences”,

and we know that, as in 1939, we again have RIGHT on our side. Let us then not dither, but steel ourselves against the WRONGDOERS and get ourselves organised in coalition to meet the future. If we accept the Exodus account, 600,000 males plus families left the slavery of Egypt – that’s about the same number as voted for UKIP in 2017 – and the nation is much better than that, so let’s not be shy about rooting out the duplicity within the House.

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