The Definitive EU Exit Plan for Britain

Working together with ‘The Harrogate Agenda‘, we share a vision for the United Kingdom as a self-governing, self-confident, free trading nation state, releasing the potential of its citizens through direct democratic control at national and local government level, so providing maximum freedom and responsibility for our people.

The history of Britain, for close on a thousand years, has been as a merchant and maritime power, playing a full role in both European and world affairs while living under its own laws. It remains our view today that the UK can flourish again as an independent state, as well as developing other relationships throughout the world as trading patters evolve.

For an age, the UK has freely engaged as an independent country in alliances and treaties with other countries. We have a long history of entering into commercial agreements and conventions at inter-governmental level. This tradition we wish to uphold.

The ability of the people of the United Kingdom to determine their own independent future, and to use our wealth of executive, legislative and judicial experience, to help inspire and shape political developments by means of international bodies (so improving both world trade and enhancing the well-being of all people) remains our aim and purpose; this can, however, only again be possible once we are free of the undemocratic and moribund European Union.

The prosperity of our people depends on being able to fulfill the fundamental need for, and right to, self-determination, allowing us to retake control of both our opportunities and our destiny. With such an international global future comes the ability to swiftly correct and make improvements where errors do occur.

Within the United Kingdom, our vision is for a government respectful of its people, as they take on greater participation and control of civic duties and public business at both local and national level.

That vision embraces the need to foster a truly sovereign people as the bedrock of a true democracy. If this is a vision you share, come work with us and make first contact via or on the website at

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