The Truth about Leaving the EU

 Brexit cannot be ‘stopped’.

So ask yourself why, after the House voted so decisively to go ahead with the passing of the ‘European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018, does the present Tory leader continue flapping her chicken wings and telling us that the worst she could possibly have accomplished (after more than 2 years and 8 months of fluttering to and fro across the Channel) is the best we, the sheeple, are going to get?

There are far sharper brains than mine who have understood this from the commencement of the ‘Brexit means Brexit’ pantomime. Having recently read the ‘Bible for Eurosceptics’ – ‘The Great Deception – Can the European Union survive?’ by Booker and North, I am staggered that anyone with a grain of common sense would want to go anywhere near this bunch of crafty brigands.

Please do (if you don’t already) examine the material posted by Brexit Central:


I really do wonder, how on earth did we manage to become ‘The most successful nation in the history of the world’ – (John Hawkins) – without the interference of confidence tricksters.



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