Weather the storm

It’s Sunday morning 10th March 2019, the temperature outside is +3° C, and the rain has turned to sleet – very depressing after the golden halo of mid-February. However, things could be worse; the wind is coming from the South-West, bringing us this COLD feeling, and it won’t last.

Which is a bit like the present political gale, coincidentally also blowing from the South, just as cheerless and with hopefully the same life expectancy as this sleet.

The public (at least those who are not comatose by boring repetition) are all now well aware that the dodgy ‘deal’ being brokered by this most effete of ‘leaders’ has more holes in it than a colander. We, the proposed sheeple victims of her obfuscation must now make sure that we dodge the even dodgier sheepdog – (I think his name is ‘Oily Robbing’?) who seems to tell the present ‘shepherdess’ what to think and where and when to say it. ‘Tail wags dog’ comes to mind.

If we are honest, even the most vociferous of the ‘pitchfork and torch’ brigade will recognize that it isn’t by accident that we find ourselves in this pickle; much as it sticks in my craw, the nation has been deliberately led along this road…

(Remember this guy?

“Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people realizing what is happening. This can be achieved by successive steps, each disguised as having some ‘economic’ purpose, but which will, eventually and irreversibly, lead to federation”

Written to a friend on 30th April 1952)

and we find ourselves in the invidious position of having to negotiate with his successors.

What is most galling is that the UK hand has not been played by a ‘Poker’ player, but by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Can you imagine for a moment that our wartime hero, Churchill, getting out of bed at 4 am, to rush off to Brussels to sit down with anti-British conspirators, only to hand over to them, everything that they demanded?

The hype, the threat of –

no Brexit at all, you naughty MPs, if you DARE to vote against MY deal

cannot be allowed to succeed, so, we say to those present incumbent Public Representatives who CAN recognize a bad thing when they see it,

                                                       HOLD FIRM!!

The last time our nation was under German-led oppressive threat, we weren’t sure then, whether our children might end up speaking ‘Deutsch’, but we did weather the Luftwaffe (=‘Air Weapon’ – also featured some fast jet bombers with the name ‘JUNCKER’…) storm, and the doomsayers here and now MAY turn out to be as reliable as George Osbourne.

Let’s put our thinking heads on for a moment. On the day after we have stabbed all the nasty MPs with our pitchforks, have burnt down their hot-house with our torches, our children will still need feeding and educating, our sick will still need care, and there WILL be life after the Tories; so, there needs to be more than a ‘battle’ plan…

May we politely suggest that the SIX DEMANDS of the ‘Harrogate Agenda’ are a serious approach to changing forever that ‘not fit for purpose’ outfit. Removing the pieces from the chessboard, only to replace them with new pieces of a different colour, making the same tedious moves, seems to us like , er, well, a bit daft.


Ooh, just looked out of the window – the snowy sleet has STOPPED. Let’s hope we get a similar outlook next Tuesday in the hot-air-house.

Sincerely yours

Andrew Livingstone

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