Waiting for the end of May?

With a hat-tip to Sir William Jaffray – DEMOCRACY 17.4
Dear Fellow Stones,
Three cheers for the Derbyshire councillors’ grassroots revolt, a rebellion that will surely catch fire across the land. Forget the machinations of Tory central office or CCHQ, blood and money is ebbing from their citadel; for the Tory Party is finished if it cannot retain the support of its foot-soldiers, the activists and canvassers who are crucial to the election of any candidate. Like the long-awaited shelving of a great Atlantic ice-sheet, Parliament is about to realise it cannot set its face against the People with impunity; for if they think we will tolerate being placed below the salt, they will be sorely disabused of such arrogant notions.
Sir Graham Brady has just announced that the PM must resign by June or face being ousted under a change of rules of the 1922 Committee. Why the delay, we ask? Although leisurely, May’s departure is good news!
Hence, the prospects for a no-deal WTO exit have brightened considerably. Not only are we on the cusp of a massive ‘volte-face’ in Parliament, but Brussels fears the onset of an angry cadre of British MEPs upsetting the balance of power after the European elections, as the French President has foreseen. Yet, as far as we are concerned, those elections are a sideshow, OUT will be shown to have meant OUT, whether of 29th March, 12th April, or any other contrived exit date.
All praise is due to Nigel Farage for ramping up the pressure gauge.
For our part, our aspirations are directed towards rebuilding our sceptred isle. Our constitution has been trashed, our representative parliamentary democracy lies broken in the gutter. We will need to rebuild with a new Constitution and a new Bill of Rights. A new political settlement, no less. Such are the huge challenges awaiting us. And it will be a great honour for anyone who puts their shoulder to the wheel for such vast endeavours **.
Nor can the time can soon enough when we erect a sign above the door to the entrance of both the Commons and the Lords, a salutary admonition from Abraham Lincoln:
“No man is good enough to govern another man without the other’s consent.”

** These are precisely the intentions of The Harrogate Agenda – see our SIX DEMANDS –

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