The Lisbon Treaty

Credit to my friend, Rowena Muldal, for her diligent work in dissecting, scrutinising and analysing this foul ‘constitution’ – this massive tome has been published in such a way as to discourage all but the most persistent from truly understanding its purpose.

Please take time to view, digest and SHARE this excellent piece, available on YouTube: only the most dense, self-serving among us can possibly believe that this is a good thing for the country.

12.04.19 – The Lisbon Treaty Pitfalls

We take this opportunity to add again our own take on this government’s most reprehensible attitude in presenting this ‘rat-trap’ as the hole in which commonsense common men/women would desire to live.




2 thoughts on “The Lisbon Treaty”

  1. An attempt to enslave us in the Fourth Reich as attempted by Hitler twice and capitulated by the fecking clueless Tory party!!!


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