Utter Desperation

So now, the hard-faced Tory leader is trying blackmail again – “tell MPs that they’d only get what they want if they voted for her deal. This was parliament’s last shot, the Prime Minister argued, saying: ‘The majority of MPs say they want to deliver the result of the referendum… and I believe there is now one last chance to do that.’” – she forgets to add  ” …and for us to stay forever locked in to the Brussels Behemoth as a vassal ‘state'”.

I am just coming to the end of ‘The Great Deception‘, the 615-page crime thriller co-written by Christopher Booker and Richard North. Every single twist and turn of this 70+ year conspiracy is here laid bare in great detail.

Add to this, the thought of her precious Party defecting to ‘Milk-shake Man’ and her nightmares are complete.

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