Saving Segmented Society

I share this letter, (written on Friday 24th May 2019) for the sentiment it holds, and delivered by my good and remarkable friend Peter, in his usual punchy, incisive style. Do please read, mark, inwardly digest and SHARE

Good morning all,

Interesting times! In the excellent ‘House of Cards’ series, the second EA said that she could interpret any set of figures to achieve what they wanted them to achieve.

At school I studied Pure Mathematics with Statistics, English and History ensuring that I could extrapolate any data to achieve the desired outcome tells the story in a social context and places it in its historical context. There is a short paperback called “How to lie with statistics” that was compulsory reading and I do strongly recommend it to you.

The results yesterday (23.05.19) did highlight a good number of key points.

1/ The Liberal elite, who are devout federalists, came together, and in England, that also saw the true colours of certain people from the Conservative Party and the Labour Party come together. They were consistent with their message and the somewhat punch-drunk and confused electorate just want certainty especially as their trust in our democracy has gone.

2/ Almost half of the people did not vote.

3/ People do not know what the once ‘major’ parties stand for. The Conservative Party has no unquestioning core vote and the remaining Labour core vote has only survived in parts of the country due to their tradition of voting RED, and because, (as we who campaigned in the previous General Election in Wythenshawe and Sale East discovered), they feel that the Conservative Party are not interested in listening to them, representing them or fighting for them.

4/ No one seems to understand that the Green Party is a very left wing and almost anarchic group that hides behind its “let’s be kind to the environment and other people” myth. The young and the self-indulgent left-of-centre Liberal establishment can feel good from a moral high ground and talk about supporting the Green Party over Jasmine tea.

5/ Messrs May, Hammond, Rudd, Morgan, Clarke (and previous PM’s) have deliberately destroyed the bond of trust a) between the Conservative Party and the people and b) of the people with their government.

6/ The Brexit Party did not do quite as well as we thought, and the splintering of the other supporting Brexit elements, plus the question “what happens if Farage is not there” were also issues.

7/ Everything is to play for, nothing is guaranteed and no party is certain of its existence.

8/ The UK is now entering that hopeless world of coalition compromise that has caused slow indecision in many EU nations

9/ The decks have now been cleared for yet another bitter anti-Brexit onslaught, made inevitable by the prevarications of the Remainer ‘May’

10/ A clear full Brexit strategy needs to be in place, and enacted now, and the Conservative Party, if it wants to survive, must have a clear, honest  agenda, not to segment the population but to involve all; people do resent being treated like pawns, talked to in the three months before an election – and then ignored.

The next six months will determine whether we can still have a sovereign nation, independence and freedom, since, should Brexit be compromised or reversed, our country will be finished. Many good minds will choose to move on, leaving us less competitive – a nation of people with less skill, less sure knowledge as to who we are and what we have achieved, being further indoctrinated with ‘guilt’ thanks to a left wing second rate teaching establishment.

The CCHQ has been inept at best, and we are talking about what lies beyond Brexit as a flame of hope for a democratic rebirth that will benefit us all. Today, there are thousands trapped in inadequate state schools, where English is no longer the majority first language, where their teachers have but a limited understanding of Mathematics, Science, IT and History and where ambition, unless it is on the sports field, is frowned upon.

We must change now, or the nation is finished – past the point of no return.

Yours truly


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