Why are we waiting?

The Tory government colludes with the MHRA to suppress a PROVEN cure for cancers. Horrendous – see where David Noakes and his team are being persecuted.

This is rather a long watch (80 minutes or so) but the topic is riveting and the implications for our democracy are colossal. About 14 months ago, David Noakes was interviewed on Stepping Stones to Awareness [qv] by Caroline Stephens  – available on YouTube – about the trouble he was in, and the actions against his company for daring to develop a ‘treatment’ (we’re not allowed to use the word ‘CURE’, the Cancer Act 1939 forbids that) for cancers without permission.

Since then, David has been arraigned before Southwark Crown Court, detained for months in Wandsworth Prison, and, even now released only due to wearing a ‘tag’ and conforming to a curfew.

Perhaps you know someone who is being treated for a cancer problem; perhaps you didn’t realize that the ‘Big Pharma’ concerns are reaping huge rewards for marketing a system of ‘chemo- and ‘radio’-therapy’ where each course is charged to the public purse at around £40,000. David Noakes has a proven cure which costs just £380-400…

We ask you to READ, MARK, DIGEST and SHARE, bringing the evil of the EU legal system under the spotlight. Then ask yourself, why would any sensible soul wish to remain for a minute longer under the thrall of these unelected, unauthorised devils. Thank you.

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