“A damned close-run thing”

I’ve had rather a jaundiced view of ‘party’ politics for some time. Over the past three years or so, my jaundice has developed into a more serious condition, not due to gall-stones or hepatitis – due rather to the poor treatment my vote has been getting.

My view of ‘party’ politics has not dramatically changed – I still feel that the body of the electorate would be better served if the present system were to be cut out of the patient and a total re-sectomy were to be performed – inserting an organisation which works from the roots up, rather than from the top down.

Yesterday, the good folks of Peterborough showed that they too are ready for the treatment. Whatever we may feel about NPF, it cannot be argued that the man has lacked in either courage or determination. Show me another person who has committed more than 20 years of life to facing down the Brussels behemoth, and that despite several ‘incidents’ which might have discouraged a more resolute soul.

There is no shortage of dissatisfied opinion out there at present, but the odd thing is, that they all seem more ready to see NPF fail than to see our country healed of its self-inflicted wounds. Such persons are asking me to believe that a man who has worked in the finance sector is doing it for his EU pension. I say that ‘Marmite-Man’ is doing it because he, like me, wants to see ‘Old Sarum’ removed – for good.

To lose a by-election by just 683 votes on a less than 50% turnout is still a sound performance, for a ‘party’ which has been in existence for less than two months. Who knows, I may be wrong, but somehow I feel that the new incumbent for the ‘Red Flag’ brigade will not lead to any seismic shift in the House of Westmonster’s performance.



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