Fasting Still proves effective!!

Let me tell you a story.

In the 1980s, there was a deluded individual running about in the North of England, hitting women on the head with a hammer, because his god had told him to do it..

Long story short, when one woman was found dead at the end of a local woodyard in my town, we took a chance, asked all the town’s ‘churchgoers’ (no judgment here) to meet in a room which was hired at the (then) Polythechnic, where many turned up, held hands in a sign of unity of purpose and cried out to the g-ds to intervene and stop this man. In my life I have fasted for many things on different occasions, and this was no exception.

After the meet was ended, we wrote to Chief Constable Gregory and demanded that this man be caught. We received a brief response, along the lines of “Thank you for your recent communication, which is receiving attention.” Four days later, in Sheffield, Peter Sutcliffe was detained by two alert officers.

Now, if you are  a skeptic, that was merely coincidence. Suffice it to say, many of us have been fasting and praying, along with Lyn Thyer, so this is Good News. Perhaps now, the electorate will ask which colour party cooperated with the Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency [MHRA] to get this lady arrested on an EAW and sent to France WITHOUT ANY CHARGES being laid against her.

We may just be able to change politics for good and forever..


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