Against the Name

How many times in recent interviews has the leader of the Labour Party dodged the opportunity to make it clear that his doctrine is not against the Jew?

In a nutshell, he won’t say it because such a statement would run plain contrary to what his sponsors believe (or did you think him capable of plotting the overthrow of our democracy single-handedly?)

We should point out to him that, if he is against the Name (Shem = shemitic), then he is also against the bulk of UK voters who respect the Christian faith, which is based on a Jewish Carpenter’s teaching.

Try this one for size:

  • “He is not a Jew who is one (merely) outwardly, neither is true circumcision the one done in the flesh; he/she is a Jew who is one inwardly, and true circumcision is that in the heart – in the spirit, not the law [Romans 2:28-29]

Which also puts a stop to the modern PC nonsense, considering that the one who brings out new life from her body is a ‘wombMAN. For that reason alone I am glad I was trained to stand up when a lady speaks to me, needs a seat on public transport or needs to ‘powder her nose’ halfway through dinner.

Maybe we should be remembering this when we’re at the Ballot Box next Thursday..

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