A Question of Trust

Sunday 8th December 2019

Yesterday was spent on the main street of the local town, talking to passersby, to a backdrop of ‘TO LET’ placards in most of the retail shop premises.

It is clear that our townsfolk, like our nation, are deeply divided and by now very fed up that the greatest ‘democratic’ mandate in UK political history is being subverted.

Sadly, the recurring comment was that “all politicians are liars”, our local representative on the Westminster green leather benches had done very little for the town, and that a radical change must come.

Which is why many up ‘ere in’t north’ are coming to the conclusion that, like him or loathe him, only Nigel Paul Farage is talking any sense. I expect many of us have watched the various ‘leaders’ squirming under the belligerent questioning of television presenters and journalists, you know, the ones who have spent many hours preparing their scripts, ready to tear holes in the prospective ‘johnny-come-lately’ types, whilst keeping their finger on said script – in case they should lose their thread.

How refreshing, then, to hear a man speak who has for 20+ years faced down the Brussels EU and their sycophantic hordes – no notes required. Their is no substitute for experience. As he keeps on telling us ‘Boris’s ‘deal’ is NOT Brexit’

Feel free to download, copy and SHARE the Brexit Party’s Contract with the People below:

08.12.19 – TBP – Contract – Complete

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