Beware the BoJo Bluster

There were hundreds of pages in the Withdrawal Bill which Teresa May attempted to foist off onto us earlier this year. Happily, there were enough MPs sufficiently wide awake to stop the cursed thing in its tracks; indeed, for Ann Widdecombe MP, some 55 years a True Blue, this was her watershed moment, “when the Prime Minister stood up and lied to the House about its content, I knew I had to leave the Party

Whether we are brexhausted or not after three plus years of vacuous vacillating, it does not make it suddenly acceptable for the nation to be bullied into swallowing BoJo’s tarted-up version, just to get some peace and quiet. For, trust me friends, this is the very same deal with a little lipstick added.

As we go to the polls on Thursday, let’s remember – only the Truth will make us FREE. Take a little time to read through the Brexit Party (soon to be renamed ‘The Reform Party’s) Contract with the People, copy attached in pdf below. You will see that this is the only position which makes sense, which makes sure that we can ‘Change Politics for GOOD’

08.12.19 – TBP – Contract – Complete

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