Ligers & Tigrons?

Good morning all, NO, not a Spoonerism, but a concern that we are beset about on all sides with unhappy souls who seem to want to grasp DEMOCRACY by the neck and make the exception over to become the STANDARD.

If we take the time to reflect, this is nothing far different from what GS is trying to achieve with ‘Open Societies’ – to quote the well-known Joan Baez lyric – ‘Coffee-coloured people by the score’

Yet, sitting in my garden at the early dawn today, I was impressed that the Dunnock and the ‘House Sparrow’ seem to be getting along quite nicely, each looking for the victuals to keep their offspring going, neither ever seeming to have any inclination to create a ‘Sparrock’ or a ‘Dunnow’, and they’ve been around for far longer than today’s scientists.

Gotta be a lesson there for us, I’d say..

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