“A slice of Pi, anyone?”

Fed up of the diet on social media? This might be more to your taste – there is a new digital coin on the block! For full details, please click on the link below:

https://minepi.com/yorkie226 and use my Username “yorkie226” as your invitation code

On the website you will find that this is NOT a scam, go to ‘Core Team’ and meet the three people who have thought up this ingenious approach to a new digital currency. To date, over 7 million members are helping to ‘mine’ the coinage on mobile phones.

After you’ve joined and taken it all in, do SHARE the link with family and friends. I’m sure you realize that we are all being taken into a ‘cashless’ society, remember the motto ‘Fortune favours the bold’.

Below there is a pdf which explains how to go into the ‘Pi Network’. Once you are up and running, if you haven’t already got one for yourself, you will then need to set up a ‘Wallet’ ( a secure online place to store your coinage; it’s not difficult to do that)

Sincerely yours, Andrew Livingstone

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