CORONA – A False Alarm?

I understand that, last weekend, this medical practitioner of German nationality was about to speak publicly at a gathering in London when he was detained and led away in handcuffs from the public area by the Thought Police . They confiscated his laptop. his mobile phone plus a particular paperback book which he had with him. He was kept for 22 hours at a detention facility in Wandsworth , before being finally released without charge. This was his comment outside the building :

” We have been set up in fear about a ‘deadly’ virus. There is no medical pandemic, all the data shows us, there was no more harm than a normal ‘flu”

Now, I have been able to obtain from Amazon the German-language edition of the paperback in question – ‘CORONA FEHLALARM? – [CORONA – A False Flag?] which the Police have retained – ordered Monday, delivered Tuesday.

Oddly, however, if you go onto the Amazon website, the English edition is displayed, and you can place an order for it, but it is not going to be available for delivery until the end of October 2020, even though it must clearly be in stock, if the English-text front cover can be photographed and priced up for sale. You might wonder why that is, or will it become unavailable before next month is out.?

The writers have gone into detail, showing how unreliable the ‘testing’ kits are, how, for example, during one particular patient’s time in hospital (having shown Corona-like symptoms), the doctor in charge of the case systematically tested that patient, not at the end of their stay in hospital but over several days repeatedly, during the observation period, and was getting conflicting results, first test – ‘positive’ – next test ‘negative – next test ‘positive – next test ‘negative’ and so on, which might say a great deal about the reliability and value of such ‘tests’ which our leaders say are to be become compulsory in the UK. It is also clear that the data being released to the sheeple is at variance with the number of persons in Germany who showed symptoms which were then NOT confirmed as being the ‘virus’ – the ratio of persons reportedly infected to those who subsequently died is also very low..

It’s becoming increasingly clear that we are being ‘led by the nose’ as the Germans say, as to the truth about something which is not the Black Death, and which is certainly not serious enough to call for the ‘shut-down’ of the nation, massive international borrowing and the crippling of the economy. This at a time when we have to turn a blind eye to the many hundreds of uninvited arrivals across the English Channel, who seem to be treated far better than our German speaker who was invited, but who’s right to free speech merited not a blanket, a hot drink and hotel accommodation, but a night in the cells.

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