Cystic Fibrosis breakthrough: Hancock praises Express readers for wonder drug boost Cystic

‘Cystic Fibrosis breakthrough. Matt Hancock praises Daily Express readers for wonder drug ‘Cystic’

Let’s see, this will be the same political ‘party’ which condones the arrest and detention in a French prison, under a bogus European Arrest Warrant [EAW], of David Noakes and Lyn Thyer. Their ‘offence’? developing a proven CURE for many cancers (following 10 years research and refinement) apparently without ‘permission’. Actually, now with an 89% success rate, this serum treatment COULD CURE 120.000 Stage IV tumours annually, at a cost per course of treatment which is only 1/100th of the regular, unsuccessful radio- and chemo-therapy torture meted out by the ‘big pharma’ moguls, PROVIDED that the patient had not first succumbed to the said mis-treatment.

The Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency [MHRA] have influenced our present government to have our two heroes apprehended; BOTH are now languishing in a foul, overcrowded jail, and you may not now purchase this their CURE in the UK (although another supply route remains open).

Please DO write to them both as per the details below:

David Noakes – Prisonnier No 457501, Fleury Merogis, 7, avenue des peupliers, 91705 Saint-Genevieve-des-bois Cedex France

Lyn Thyer – Prisonnier No 456700 MAF (MAF – means Maison d’Arret des Femmes – the detention of female prisoners) otherwise to the same address. They need to know that we have not forgotten them..

Please DO FEEL FREE to SHARE and PUBLICIZE this scandalous injustice.

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