We have first-hand information re some individuals who have been affected and whose behaviour has changed after accepting a nasal-swab C19 test. In the video link attached there is a filmed observation of some rather odd particles on the swab – this is essential viewing:-

Here a swab test ‘bud’ is placed under 1,000 times magnification, in which strangely active semi-luminous particles can be observed moving, almost wriggling and jumping, around, which is astonishing!

Are you aware that at least one supplier of such test swabs offers a ‘non-invasive’ option which is a ‘sputum test’? – That option is featured in the written instructions inside the ‘Innova Lateral Flow Test’.

A friend of ours chose this option when visiting his 95-year-old father in a care home: the staff there said they were unaware that a choice was offered in the instructions within the test packaging.

Further, this non-invasive option was not stated within the NHS booklet which that particular care home staff had received. It does not appear on the supplier’s website and, also, we find that there are many distributing pharmacies who have not heard of it!

Which begs the question – ‘At what executive level was the decision made that our NHS should not publicise this perfectly adequate option?’

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