Shock horror! A new UK report has found more than 500 people who received either ONE or TWO of the coronavirus jabs have since been admitted to hospital with COVID-19.

The study found that a total of 526 people were admitted to hospital of which 113 people died in what the research team branded “vaccine failures”.

It’s the same in the USA but you won’t hear that from the MSM in the UK.

According to the researchers, the patients had all received one dose of the vaccine at least three weeks before they were admitted.

The majority of vaccinated people who were admitted to hospital for COVID-19 were probably infected shortly before or around the time of their vaccination (and that makes a difference because?), highlighting the importance of maintaining social distancing and understanding that “immunity develops over time” the researchers said.

Which begs the question – “Why are we having the jab at all if it doesn’t guarantee safety?” We already know that ‘social distancing’ is a farce.

Last night’s [3rd May 2021] crowd at the Crucible, Sheffield, gathered to see the World Championship Snooker Final, should never have happened if social distancing is still required AFTER the jab.

What is ‘developing over time’ is the establishment of human ‘bio-weapons’, and we shall see that the ‘jab’ will be responsible for more deaths than the ‘disease’.

There are many thousands of medical professionals worldwide (see World Doctors’ Alliance) screaming that this ‘viral infection’ is not what it appears to be, and yet so many here seem to prefer to believe Westminster’s Three Stooges – led by a man who can’t even be honest about the European Arrest Warrant, with its ‘corpus juris’ basis.

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