Yet more evidence of this daft, non-consistent ‘government’ policy.


Here we see a fit young athlete, who’s just had to take a ‘medical break’ during an international sports event. Immediately, although she’s HAVING BREATHING DIFFICULTIES – her words this morning (Weds 7th) the medic’s first action is to put a face mask on the lass.
Like, that’s really going to help?! The medic also wears one (even though she, and all the players, will have been pre-tested before even being allowed to enter the tennis sanctum) which kinda begs a certain question about the accuracy of the ‘testing’ procedure…
But, in the background, we have all these spectators, no mask in sight, sitting close together? I ask myself, did all these thousands of spectators have to prove ‘pre-vaxing’ before attending the event?
After the recent shenanigans by the former Secretary of State for Health & Social Care I really am having great difficulty in taking ANY of this charade seriously. I don’t suppose we’ll get to know if the young lady has recently been ‘jabbed’, will we?
The Danish soccer player, Christian Eriksen, whose heart stopped beating for 15 minutes in the middle of a match, shown LIVE on TV? His support team confirm that he’d just had the ‘jab’ one week prior – in Milano Italy. Just a thought.

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