We have reached a time in the era shift where living men and women no longer hold any confidence in so called ‘authority’. Many of us have concerns that medical procedures will be forced on those in the public realm who engage in commerce.

The ideas we cover here outline law versus legal ideas to show how we got to where we are, and how to protect against unwanted medical intrusions.

This all comes down to who has a ‘legitimate’ [LAWFUL – DAMNED LATIN GETS EVERYWHERE] claim on your body, which on the face of it is an illegitimate idea. Has the time come to make a claim on what is already yours? Has the legal system gone so far off the rails?

Most probably, yes, but simply holding your position and understanding a few things will go a long way in protecting your genetic makeup and illegitimate claims on your body.

Living men and women are not subject to statutory policy – but – to a higher power.

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