How can they be so daft?

Over the past 18 months, as the UK public have watched our present government floundering about, apparently flip-flopping over how to handle this dreadful ‘Black Death’ pandemic, it must surely have occurred to you, as to me, “Are these so-called leaders, the elite of the playing fields of Eton, really so dumb that they cannot see what is happening right before their eyes.?” In short, are they being conned, or are they complicit?

Attached in a pdf format is a piece taken from that ever more successful FREE , people-funded paper ‘The Light’.

It is, for me, the best assessment of what is happening internationally to democractic society. If you have never heard of ‘The Light’, please drop us a line to – – and we will find a distributor closest to where you live..

With a hat-tip to Niall McCrae for an excellent pice of writing.

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