The next step of the ‘Great Reset’ – Failed States

By demanding total compliance with vaccination and biomedical surveillance, on pain of banishment from society, the French government has sparked a wave of protest from Chambery to Clermont Ferrand. Has the covid dictator Emmanuel Macron bitten off more than he can chew?

This state of pseudo-medical apartheid has ‘crossed the line’ for millions of French citizens, who have caught the bug of resistance. One of the messages on a demonstrator’s placard read ‘Macron et Madame Guillotine – a marriage made in heaven.’

Yet pushing the people too far could itself be part of the ‘master plan’. Toppling a leader would cause chaos, but to every national problem there is a global solution. This idea may seem far-fetched, but we should be looking beyond proximate events to the horizon of the New World Order. The architects of a long-planned technocracy are striving to weaken the nation state.

The book ‘Covid-19, the Great Reset’ by Klaus Schwab-Rothschild and Thierry Malleret of the World Economic Forum, published last summer, serves as a bland yet revealing manifesto.

Covid-19 has reminded us that the biggest problems we face are global in nature. Whether it’s pandemics, climate change, terrorism or international trade, all are global issues that we can only address, and whose risks can only be mitigated, in a collective fashion.”

Crises have always been exploited as a means to boost control. Once power is taken it is rarely given back: the security response to the Twin Towers event continues two decades on. Hitherto efforts for global governance having faltered, with toothless agencies and cooperation thwarted by international rivalries, the globalists have found a way to usurp state power by means of a border-defying health emergency. Suddenly the World Health Organisation becomes the unquestionable authority.

Indeed, the pandemic seems highly convenient; it was certainly predicted by the likes of vaccine-touting eugenicist Bill Gates, gain-of-function virus funder  Anthony Fauci and the World Economic Forum in its prescient ‘Event 201’ exercise. Fear, loathing and bribery were incited to stunning effect, bringing almost every government into line in imposing lockdowns and mass vaccination, mostly with the willing compliance of the people.

Governments appear to be following orders from beyond their democratic mandate. Meanwhile there are suspicions about the deaths of Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi, John Magufuli of Tanzania and Jovenel Moise of Haiti, all three were leaders who challenged the viral panic and the vaccine push. Their counterparts in Madagascar and Belarus have been alerted to potential assassination. You are not paranoid if the risk is real.

The most vulnerable leaders, however, could be those at the vanguard of the relentless vaccination and digital passport drive. Although the majority of the populace in Western countries have accepted the experimental jabs, and will soon be lining up for boosters, a significant minority cannot be persuaded.

They have seen through the scam and will never take the clot shots unless held down and injected, or dispatched kicking and screaming to an internment camp, such as are already being built in Australia and Canada.

As the ratchet of covid-licensed totalitarianism tightens, the possibility of violent opposition increases. Somewhere in the world a prominent politician could be lynched, with the ensuing anarchy more of a danger than the virus. For the globalists this would justify external intervention. In go the Blue Helmets, in their pristine white armoured vehicles.

In ‘The Great Reset’ Schwab described fragile states as poverty-stricken, economically and socially volatile, with high levels of violent crime. We associate such problems with regions of Africa, Asia and Latin America, but similar conditions are present in the outer doughnuts of cities in the affluent West. The legitimacy of civic institutions has been undermined by decades of cultural Marxist ideology (expressed in ‘woke’ activism) and by mass immigration from poorer parts of the world, where covid-induced turmoil and Kissinger’s UN foreign policy are likely to spur an exodus.

Unemployment will destroy social cohesion. The Devil makes work for idle hands and an obvious target will be the government. National leaders, whose popularity rose in the covid outbreak, will be blamed for the post-covid devastation. Despite internet censorship and the obedient mainstream media, populists will emerge to foment revolutionary fervour. Rallies may become too large for riot police to quell.

The European Union, seemingly irrelevant during the covid crisis, will step out of the shadows. Having done the heavy haulage, national governments have no fuel left in the tank. Loans will depend on fulfilling globalist objectives such as universal basic income, and administering the Common Pass, a digital data passport under development years before covid-19. The UK government have recently engaged Entrust to handle the nation’s digital identity scheme.

In France, Macron is fast becoming a figure of hate, but he won’t be the only one. The rulers won’t want several countries collapsing at once. Like every other contrived crisis, this will likely be a controlled explosion.

Taken from ‘The Light’ paper, with a hat-tip to Niall McCrae for this most succinct appraisal of the present world scene.

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