When will this madness end?

If, like me, you can remember ‘CONTERGAN’ and the shock horror when an untested, experimental drug was released on the unsuspecting public, you will also know that more than 10,000 little souls came into this world, born in 46 countries worldwide, minus important bits and pieces, such as arms and legs.

The unfortunate man in the Downing Street ‘chair’ at that time was also a Tory leader, Harold ‘you’ve-never-had-it-so-good’ Macmillan. Of course, the usual platitudes of ‘lessons have to be learned’ were trotted out. ‘If only’ is a cheap regret – ‘if only we had run tests for a time period longer than that of human gestation’ yes, that would have been better, but it must never happen again.

Yet, here we are, sixty-two years down the road, and the world seems again to have decided not to wait, not to run the full series of ‘trials and tests’ before unleashing on the public a series of injections as a panacea to the SARS-Cov2 illness. This after it had been posted on the ‘’ website that this was not, in fact the ‘Black Death‘, not the highly contagious ‘Beast from the East’ which was going to wipe us out in our millions. Odd then, that the Coronavirus Act 2020 should be rushed into print less than three weeks later. Odder still, this now almost irrational frenzy to ensure that everything in sight must promptly be ‘jabbed’, right down to the station cat..

Please take a look at the information shown via the link below. If this amount of mortality doesn’t bring the programme to a halt, then we have to seriously consider that our government is ‘only following orders’ – but from far, far above their democratic mandate..

With thanks to ‘The Expose’ for exposing these factual figures.

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