journalists against Covid Censorship

This is an important moment in the battles against the loss of our world freedom. Roger Guttridge, a journalist of some 50+ years’ training and experience, has chosen to stick his head above the parapet. He reveals what is going on in the world of ‘reporting’, making us aware that there are some journalists who have had enough of being muzzled, being told what to report and even what to think.

He spoke out recently in an interview with Sophia Rose, and it is not insignificant that Roger feels he has to begin this interview by making it clear that he is NOT the initiator of this resistance – entitled ‘JOURNALISTS AGAINST COVID CENSORSHIP’ [JACC] but does not mention the name of the male reporter who DID start this act of resistance.

Here is the link to that interview:


Perhaps that in itself is telling us something about the level and severity of the intimidation within that profession?  “What happened to balanced reporting”? he asks, today’s ‘journalists’ are coming under threat from the media-moguls if they do make balanced enquiry about newsworthy items which they feel ought to be revealed to the general public.

Message to the Media

…many of us are now calling this threatening ‘jobsworth’ attitude ‘the media virus’”, and he confirms that there are plenty of supportive messages arriving daily in their INBOX from other journalists, not just within the UK but from other countries too. Within their group a further band of journalists are now working to ‘PREPARE FOR CHANGE’ – an international group.

For a wider view of what their aims are, go to:


Roger himself is not just a keyboard warrior, he attends his local ‘Stand in the Park’ events within his county of residence whenever he can.

(Note that JACC has had to move to the ‘Odysee’ platform after being blocked from YouTube).

Corporate control of newspapers is behind all this throttling of honest reporting: whereas 50 years ago most newspapers were ‘family-owned’ businesses, now here are just a handful of moguls calling the shots. Many of them are heavily funded by – you’ve guessed it – the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. They are also among the top ten (10) funders of the Brussels Brainwashing Conspiracy..

As we always say – ‘Do your own research’ and feel free to SHARE this link to friends and contacts.

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