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We have received a substantial amount of genuine National Health Service [NHS] data, relating to the recent outbreak of the ‘Black Death’, which has been compiled and extrapolated into one hefty report. Now, anyone who would be conscientious enough to keep such a ‘diary’, over what has been an over-dramatized and very wearisome 12 months, clearly deserves a medal.

This is the writer’s own comment:

“As a data analyst I specialised in assessment of clinical outcomes across a range of disciplines and served on a regional clinical reference committee in addition to supporting the directors of my NHS Foundation and Primary Care Trusts. I’ve also provided ad-hoc analytical support for secondary and tertiary service providers across NHS England. I use data strictly from official sources to reveal what the authorities should be telling us about the pandemic but are not”.

The writer is going by the name ‘John Dee’ (not to be confused with John Doe) and we are grateful that such people love our nation enough to undertake this sort of work – for no pay and at some considerable personal risk. Thank you, John Dee!

As the report is too large for the average domestic pc software to handle, we are posting the entire report here in pdf format:

As always, we encourage you to do your own research, and to SHARE what you find to be genuine..

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