Posted on the ‘Telegram’ channel this evening (Monday 8th November 2021) is a piece from a lady, a veteran UK care worker, who has been confronted with this ‘no jab no job’ threat. Now, I don’t know how to get in contact with this particular individual, but others may know how – or even know who she is.

So, we’re posting below a typical scenario which could help those who find themselves in this predicament. There needs to be a clear understanding that our human rights – our lives – are not going to be threatened by statutory instruments. There is a route to obtain justice and compensation – in both their legal court system and also through the Common Law Court – see – https://www.commonlawcourt.com/ – and we have also attached a pdf document at the foot of this blog item which gives a summary of the ‘con trick’ currently being played out to keep us all in the sheep-pen, and shows how to deal with it..

For when your boss tells you “It’s mandatory“.

Care home staff…  [ That means ANYBODY and EVERYBODY ]

This is what you do.

You just say no!

Boss, “you must get the injection to protect the residents.”

You, “no, my responsibility is to protect myself first, not the residents.”

Boss, “but you have to, to protect the residents, it’s safe enough” – (no it isn’t)!

You, “no, it is a Medical treatment, an experimental one at that, which comes with a risk of anything from sickness to disablement and death, with no long-term safety data as this is the trials. I am not taking the risk with my life to protect a resident.”

Boss, “it’s policy now.”

You, “your policy breaks human rights laws, employment laws, disability discrimination laws, the equality act, and a lot more. Health and safety is above policy, you are not considering my safety in this”

Boss, “but the Government have mandated it”

You, “mandatory is not law, it is a statutory instrument which operates on the basis of consent”.

The best legal brains (Black’s Law Dictionary, 11th edition) state clearly that ‘mandatory’ has validity only when the person being addressed consents: and I do not consent.

Should anything happen to me, the Government holds no liability, but you do, you need to check that your insurance covers my claim against you if I am injured or die as a result of you forcing an experimental medical treatment onto me.”

Boss, “or you’ll have to leave the position.”

You, “I won’t quit I know the law and I know my rights, you’ll have to fire me and then I’ll take legal action against you for unfair dismissal and a handful of other offences you’ve already just committed by trying to coerce and threaten me with the loss of my job”.

Boss,…… (Quite probably stumped at this point so not saying a lot).

You, “and I am putting you on notice now that if you press this issue again, harass me about it, discriminate against me for it, cause me alarm and distress as you’re already doing, I will take legal action against you.”

Boss,… (Your guess is as good as mine as to what will be said here but your final words should be)

You, “so we are clear on my stance about this then, yes? Good, now, let’s get back to work!”

If this doesn’t resolve the situation, then use this document to put the pressure on the bully.

IMPORTANT: When serving this document on anyone who is using the statutory system to threaten and intimidate an employee (as in this lady’s case), the top three lines are where you will put the name and office address where this bully works.

Then, make sure to take with you two supporters who will sign the document as your witnesses – in the event that the bully ends up in Court (be that a legal or a common law court). Remember, we, NOT the Palace of Westminster are the real sovereign LIVING STONES and our common law has been around for much longer than that pile of stonework inside which so much corruption and malfeasance is going on.

As always, we encourage readers to do their own research and to STAND THEIR GROUND; if you need someone to witness this action for you, we do have contacts nationwide who will stand with you and guide you through what you think is probably going to be a stressful confrontation.

Contact us at – info@livingstones.uk – if you need help.

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