Why we win

We recommend you get hold of a copy of Issue 15 of the splendid FREE, people-funded-paper -THE LIGHT – which simply gets better and better. Turn to Page 9, where Stuart Farr’s article gives us the best assessment yet of the battle for control of our planet, our property and, most seriously, our personalities. The writer, with just 20 words, neatly sums up the enemy’s soulless strategy – “A cartel of maniacs with a grotesque belief in their own self-importance and a profoundly impaired world view”. My recent indulgence in reading Tolkien’s translation of the saga of Beowulf has not been wasted time: those whom Catherine Austin Fitts describes as ‘Mr Global’ (because none of us, the sheeple, ACTUALLY know who ALL the conspirators are) will, for me, now have a collective sobriquet – ”GRENDEL’S GHOULS’. To parody Dr Johnson’s observation, “The insolence of wealth has crept out”, but let us, the little people, not forget the most improbable outcome in Tolkien’s now world famous trilogy..

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