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Just a quick post, for those who don’t have much time for ‘browsing’, and for those with long memories, who remember this singer..

Today with colleagues I went to our local gendarmerie and made a formal crime complaint about the state of the nation under the ‘jabbers jackboot’. We were kept waiting for 35 minutes by the desk monitor, they eventually called two constables in from their patrol car to speak to us. Their first reaction was a bit guarded, tried to fob us off with a quick chat in the public-side corridor. When we insisted, we were given a hearing in an interview room and we were able to make a complaint of crime on two fronts.

  1. We have a friend within our fold who is a medical professional, joined us after suffering a medical trauma, being jabbed twice ..
  2. We made a support complaint linked to that made at Hammersmith Police Station [6029679/21] and, coupled with that issue, we also showed the danger of the jabbing and demanded that our local constables act AT ONCE to CLOSE down ALL of the ‘Covid vaccine centres n our area. They’ve gone to ask their sergeant what to do next…

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