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This information, received some 15 days ago, is now released for your consideration and, where possible, for verification by those with the knowledge and the contacts to check the allegations…


A Chimeric Spike protein is next to be produced:

A tool for a SELECTIVE depopulation:
There is an unimagined, scientifically possible biological attack method, which, if used, would result in ONLY the survival of target numbers of, mostly under 60 years old, relatively young and healthy people in each country, and the elimination of everybody else! At any time in the future, this selective depopulation method can be achieved with help of the scientific technique from the patent mentioned below.

STEPS of the inverted method;
First, giving protection to planned numbers of people against an (created but not yet spread) extremely lethal pathogen,
And then, in the future, releasing that pathogen, so that only those who received that immunity would survive! Everybody else, including unvaccinated people, who don’t have that immunity, would be eliminated! In each country, the number of people planned to survive could be determined by controlling the number of doses to be sold to that country!

There is a way to give an immunization against a ‘created but not released’ lethal pathogen, in front of the scientific scrutiny without being suspicious; By producing a ‘multivalent’ mRNA, encoding a chimeric protein, to give the intended immunity against that lethal pathogen!

HOW to create the necessary reasons to produce a multivalent mRNA sequence with the genetic sequence portions of a (created but not yet released) lethal virus’s spike protein;
As Ralph Baric explained in his 2014 patent, No. US9884895B2, a multivalent, vaccine produced chimeric spike protein will contain each variant’s unique mutated parts, teaching the human immune system to fight against all variants. Giving this as a reason, multivalent mRNA will be structured from mutated parts of existing variants!

Actually, all the variants could have been engineered, long ago, with the exact desired unique mutated portions, to be taken back, as reference, in the construction of the next multivalent mRNA sequence! Each variant’s unique parts could actually be the common parts with the lethal version! With this BUILDING BACK method, the intended spike protein could be encoded by any next to be produced multivalent mRNA!
For the whole scientific scrutiny, the sequence used in multivalent mRNA will be legitimate and just constructed from mutated parts of …X…, Omicron, Delta, and Beta variants.
However, even if the mRNA’s sequence parts were to be referenced separately to existing variants, the full sequence would encode a new shaped spike protein because of the folding conformation changes induced by mutations as described:

Nobody would think about or know that the final structure of the encoded protein was built to give immunity against another pathogen!
Variants should be released every few months, not only to create the reasons for the necessity of a NEW vaccine to ‘cover all variants’ but especially to create the logical references to BUILD (BACK) the desired multivalent mRNA sequence!

For this purpose, with data and results of DARPA’s Thor program and Francis Collins’ Human Genome program, Prof. Ralph Baric, according to his linked CV,(check his study on using Coronaviruses as the vaccine vector for HIV, from 2008 to 2013) is capable of engineering a deadly pathogen (with a modified spike protein) (also modified not to mutate and become resistant and erase the whole humanity) which can avoid every human defence mechanism regardless of ethnic genetic differences.
He could also engineer a few Coronavirus variants (eg: Sarscov-2, Beta, Delta, Omicron, …) each with a slightly different spike protein (those different parts at each variant to be the common part with the lethal one’s spike protein)!

Here is the method to create chimeric spike protein to be used in vaccines from the 2014 applied patent of Ralph Baric and Boyd Yount; US9884895B2;

Additional tools to keep alive MOSTLY the younger and healthier people, at PLANNED NUMBERS in each country: It would be enough to keep this vaccine away from those countries which are still vaccinating their priority old, sick, handicap people by using the WHO vaccination priority groups (which actually divide and place the world population into age and health categories). The majority of old, sick, handicapped people, also governments’ authorities and personnel will already be vaccinated until Moderna will produce the new “universal coronavirus vaccine” and start sending that to those more than 160 African, South American and Asian countries from the second half of 2022 as the company has already announced. With this delay, the newly produced vaccines will reach the younger and healthier part of the world’s 7 billion people! Countries such as China, Russia, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, North Korea could be erased completely by just not selling that “vaccine”!

Only with mRNA technology, is it possible to immunize people secretly against another pathogen by using parts of spike protein of THAT pathogen’s genetic sequence in the multivalent vaccine mRNA sequence.
Parts of the produced protein to have the distinct feature and shape of the lethal virus’ spike protein would be enough for our immune system to learn how to fight against the lethal one! Therefore, any deadly pathogen with a modified coronavirus spike protein can be used in this plan. For example, an engineered HIV with a modified Coronavirus spike protein could infect people instantly but only kill them in the long term, which would further cover this plan.

PRECAUTION: for such a biological attack possibility not to become a reality, request authorities not to permit the use of any chimeric mRNA sequence (which would encode a never-existing new protein shape with no reference existing virus protein to compare with) in vaccines by explaining how it could be used in the described way! Also, requesting authorities to decide which vaccine is the most efficient and to use only that vaccine on everybody! Proclaiming that ‘every citizen deserves the same, the best possible treatment’, mentioning also that, ‘vaccine equity’ would ensure avoiding the usage of different vaccines on different age and health grouped people, to achieve the described method of a global, FUTURE biological attack, resulting in a TARGET SELECTIVE depopulation!

I heartily invite you to verify the scientific possibility of this information with competent experts of your choice from various practice fields!

I hope I have managed to explain that the whole reason for this pandemic just might be to inject the public with a chimeric protein encoding mRNA purportedly to give protection against a future-to-be-released, deadly pathogen, but actually to achieve not random, but selective depopulation by keeping alive only the target number of people! All the variants might be being released just to create the reason to produce that multi valent mRNA vaccine!

Every condition necessary to achieve such a plan already exists: Global vaccination, variants with unique spike protein parts, mRNA technology (which is the only way to produce that desired Protein by a multivalent mRNA), WHO priority groups’ different vaccination times (for the desired vaccine to reach to desired ‘qualifying’ people)

The only missing step is ‘other’ variants to be released (saying that “these are more dangerous” and therefore current vaccines need to be updated!) and producing a multivalent mRNA!

The usage of multivalent mRNA leaves an open door for the described biological attack method to be achieved! This risk should not exist!

Name & contact details supplied but withheld pending further investigation

As usual, this text is also available here for distribution..

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