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Just in case you have been hiding under your duvet for the past few weeks, there is a lot starting to happen. We will shortly be posting a video or two about a visit to the local ‘gendarmerie’ where a local victim of jabbing, disabled after heeding the Hancock lies and the lies of his line managers and getting double-jabbed, made a local complaint in support of what Mark Sexton and Dr Sam White have boldly done in Hammersmith, London.

The tide is starting to turn: those who dare to look at the BBC News will have seen the Prime Muppet is now wriggling in an attempt to get ‘off the hook’ on which he has impaled himself. “We can take your masks off now, folks!!

The recent brave action by Mark Sexton and Dr Sam White , supported by two solicitors, Liam Hyland and Lois Bayliss, has started the ball rolling.

The group calling itself UKcitizen2021 has put together a package of documents and flyers which will help all those who now take up the challenge of getting these ‘vaxxing centres’ SHUT DOWN. We have separated out all the documents, added the large important one, and popped them into a ZIP file.

 Please get busy in your manor – let’s do it as politely as possible – and start serving notice on the staff there. As we are not permitted to upload ZIP files on the site, please contact us at – – and we will send it out immediately, if not sooner..

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