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Vaccine victim reports damage to Police

Following the decisive action of Mark Sexton (a former police constable) and Dr Sam White on December 20th 2021 in lodging a complaint at Hammersmith Police Station in London, there are literally HUNDREDS of complaints being made daily at Police Stations across the UK. The evidence emerging is overwhelming and irrefutable that, as we forecast some 18 months prior, the entire episode of SARS_Cov_2 has proved to be the First Act of a well-planned conspiracy to swap the present economic and humanitarian structure of our planet for a New World Order. It is a smokescreen, designed to keep our attention away from the real agenda.

It is becoming clear that this madness for imposing experimental ‘vaccines’ on just about every age-group in every civilised area of the globe is not misguided – it is being very skilfully guided – and is going to be responsible for many, many more deaths than the so-called ‘Covid 19’ virus ever was.

Just one example among hundreds, on Tuesday 18th January 2022 a complaint was lodged, at the Huddersfield Police Station in Yorkshire, by a Pharmacist, a previously fit young man, who had been advised by his senior line management to get vaccinated and who now finds himself seriously disabled to the extent that he has had to leave his job.

This latest edition [17] of the FREE newspaper ‘THE LIGHT‘, lists 54 victims, sports professionals across the world either dead or disabled after being tricked into getting ‘vaccinated’ against a ‘disease’ which shows a 99.8% recovery rate in those who were previously fit and healthy beforehand.

Just this evening, (Friday 21st Jan) a contact in the North London area telephoned to say that she had witnessed a young woman drop to the pavement outside their local supermarket, complaining of a ‘burning pain in her chest’ – all just coincidence? I would remind the younger among our readers of the last ‘experimental’ medication disaster, back in 1959, which was offered to ladies who were experiencing ‘morning sickness’ – CONTERGAN, we were assured , would ease the problem. The result was over 10,000 infants born – in 46 countries worldwide – with parts of their little bodies either missing or hideously deformed.

Attached is a video showing this young man’s account.

The time has come for each one of us to decide where we stand on this social scandal: gone is the time when we could get away with indifference, with a ‘bury your head in the sand’ attitude. We need to choose a side, as you will see from the linked video, this issue is not going to go away – it is going to be with us for many years and the only sensible ,sane thing to do now would be to STOP injecting uninformed citizens and our children with substances which have never been fully tested. There ARE ways to achieve this, and we offer a full package of documents (too large to be included here) a full guide and checklist as to how to lawfully make this urgently needed change.

Here are the links to the latest videos:


Please email us at – – and we will get the information to you without delay. Thank you.

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